Sketch Tron 6000: “Tracey - your father is here”

Season 2
Episode: “Episode 210”

Sketch Tron 6000 scene stealing with his first speaking part!


"A Goon’s Deed in A Weary World"
Season 7: Episode 11

Sketch Tron 6000 makes an appearance in the background…

"A Goon’s Deed is a Weary "
Season 7: Episode 11

Governor and VIce Presidential hopeful Bob Dunston goes man-o a robot-o debating Sketch Tron 6000!

Season 7: Episode 2
“Governor Dunston”

"Have it on my desk first thing in the morning!"

(Sketch Tron 6000 in background)

Season 7, Episode 1
“The Beginning of The End”

100 episodes, and of course Sketchtron 6000 was there!

"100: Parts 1 & 2"
Season 5: Episode 20

Sketchtron Live!

"Live Show: East Coast Version"
Season 5: Episode 4

"I said everyone, Sketchtron 6000."

Que Sopresso
Season 5: Episode 13

"Nobody’s gonna believe a killer robot can get his asz kicked by just one bear"

Blind Date
Season 1: Episode 3